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January 19, 2016


My latest short film, THE TRIP,  is currently playing on Air Canada’s Inflight Entertainment on the Canadian Movies channel. We will be playing until end of April 2016 on all domestic and international AC flights. If you find yourself on such a plane, please reach forward, turn on that little screen, select “Canadian Movies”, then “The Trip”, turn off the overhead lights, plug in your headphones, turn the volume up, and press “play.” Do NOT select “full screen” mode. And if the film touches you, please tell your neighbour. Trust me, it won’t be weird.

This film has come a long way. THE TRIP is a personal story about a complicated relationship set in northern Ontario, Canada. It is winner of the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival Pitch Competition and supported by National Film Board of Canada. Our world premiere took place at the Scarborough Worldwide Film Festival in Toronto last June where the film won the Audience Choice Award for Best Short Film, a pleasant surprise given that I didn’t even know there was a prize. We went on to screen in New York City in August as part of Cinema Club’s monthly short film showcase, a fantastic experience in a beautiful venue with an audience of film lovers. Could hear a pin drop during the film.

This is a story of two women written, directed, produced, shot, designed and edited by women of color, of which I am very proud of.

This is a hard film for me to talk about. It is my most personal film to date. Not autobiographical, and sometimes that is harder, because fiction allows you to explore things that exist beyond planes of real life.

The saving grace has been the audience responses to the film. Many people came up after a screening to tell me how the film touched them personally. I received emails from people who called their mother after the film and had a long conversation. I received emails of programmers showing the film to their students. I remember seeing my friend, sitting beside me during the premiere (chosen for her reliable coolness), repeatedly touching her face and thinking that maybe she was fidgeting because she’s bored, only to have her whisper to me as the credits rolled: “you jerk, you made me cry.”

All those things.

The past two years have been indescribable. They have been hard, because making art that is meaningful and sending it out into the world is hard. No regrets. Do the work. That is all I can do and will do.

Here is my first film poster. Designed and hand-drawn by the talented Tyler Rubenfeld, which captures the film wonderfully.

THE TRIP poster


For updates on how you can see THE TRIP, please join the film’s official fb page.

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