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“One of my favorite blog writers is Grace Wang, of “Etheriel Musings,”… She’s a natural writer. You sense no angst or hesitation in her prose. It sparkles like conversation. She attended the Toronto Film Festival, and her entry on “City of Life and Death” will not be bettered by any other critic.”

Roger Ebert’s Journal: The blogs of my blogs

“One of my favorite movie blogs. I don’t care deeply about opinions, even if I agree. It’s the writing.″

Roger Ebert


Etheriel Musings: A Journey in China

– Column,

“The Hurt Locker”

Taking the “Last Train Home”

“He wants to marry a hairdresser”

“We don’t want to remember the sadness”

“And Life goes on as planned”

“Another day. Another year.”

“Waltzing with the in-between”

“The color of our emotions, or, “色,戒”

– Far Flung Correspondent pieces,

Review: Docs at Reel Asian

Review: Animated films at Reel Asian

– Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival

Bright Star: A Poetic Love From A Forgotten Time

Medicine for Melancholy: A Dose of Reality

– (Cult)ure Magazine


World Film Locations: New York

– Contributing author

World Film Locations: BeiJing

– Contributing author



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