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Pining for a pint, and The Emerald Isle

September 24, 2009

I’ve always been fond of black & white photographs.

There is something so timeless and momentous about it.

Sepia memories, they say. Mine are always black and white though. Sometimes, one color will pop out, kind of starkly, and that is special. But most times it is just shades of grey. When people asked me what my favorite color is, I used to answer that it’s black and white, because I can’t pick one. Then someone told me that they are shades and not colors, and I remember feeling infuriated. Why should I be forced to pick another favorite color when I already have two? So what if they are shades? Shades of color, I remarked defiantly. I was in seventh grade.

Today is the 250th Anniversary of Guinness. By sheer coincidence, I also met up with a good Irish friend who happened to be in town on vacation. All these Irishness made me nostalgic for the beautiful Emerald Isle, the time I spent there, and its ales and stouts.

Happy 250th to the perfect pint.


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  1. DBL permalink
    September 24, 2009 10:53 PM

    I learned about your Web site while reading Roger Ebert’s blog — I saw him compliment your writing and decided to check it out. I like the way you write about and respond to movies. You write and respond the way I would if I were a good writer, and if I were able to express my thoughts more poetically. Nice, nice work. I’ll be reading as long as you’re writing.

    • Grace permalink*
      September 25, 2009 11:08 AM

      Thank you. I feel that poetry is just an announcement of the human condition. If you feel like writing, you should just write. Quality is subjective. I’m a firm believer that words should not be supressed.

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